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Natural and fresh goods only!

The best agricultural and water technologies


Our foods and beverages are produced with the commitment that they will aid in giving you healthy choices for your life. Abbie's is committed to providing the best for you both in our establishments and for your home. Try our ginger shots to start out your day in a super healthy way and give yourself a detox with our green drinks.



Abbie's promises the most delicious, yummy ingredients in every type of food and beverage that we sell. From our soaked vegetables and fruits that provide chemical and pathogen free meals and drinks to our delicious gluten free baked goods, Abbie's insures that we use the highest form of all types of ingredients in our foods.


Live Kangen!

Kangen Water™ produced from Enagic® provides all our in-house beverages with an ionized water base that guarantees the optimum expectancy and health advantages. Negatively charged and alkaline based water increases the capability of the water to provide exactly what the body needs for optimum performance.



Water is the basis of most, so the type of water we use is of utmost importance. We soak in our vegetables and fruits in 2.5 pH water to deliver pathogen free foods and beverages. We soak them a second time in 11.5 pH water to insure that all traces of chemicals are gone. Our filters provide that our systems have gotten rid of harmful chemicals in water sources.


Abbie's Organic

Abbie's Organic is a store with a mission. Our foods and beverages reflect our commitment.

Click here for more info about our cause. We are dedicated to the lives of people and freeing people from slavery worldwide.

Abbie's Organic was born to enrich our cause. We have a commitment to clean water, clean fair trade foods, and lives free from the slavery worldwide.


We are committed to the right base for all our beverages. Whether the drinks are green, healthy nutritious drinks or using our site-prepared Almond milk, we are always providing the highest enrichment for health.

Negatively charged water is the key to providing the body the efficient transfer of nutrients into the cells. Since the body is over 70% water, putting the correct water source in the body is an essential key. Negatively charged water decreases the body's acidic state.

Our foods are produced without the use of genetically modified foods. These foods are not simply hybrids, but contain harmful poisonous chemical traces which pollute our bodies. The European Union has banned the use of genetically modified foods for this reason.

Abbie's is committed to Fair Trade Partners Worldwide. We abhor slavery of any type and are committed to creating partnerships with like-minded partners who are keeping their part of the bargain. Join us in our quest against slavery on any level.